Beverly Ray Frase

National Director, Certified Military Home Specialist
(502) 475-5544

Beverly's strong background as a loan officer, real estate broker and 37 years as a military wife have prepared her well for this most important initiative to help military servicemembers everywhere. She was a military wife for "PCSs" all across the nation, she raised an "Army brat" from Hawaii to New York City and she waited with the other wives in their unit for their husbands to return from harm's way. This experience drives her unwavering passion to help our military servicemen and women and their families.

In 2009, Beverly wrote the original course that trains lenders, real estate professionals, housing counselors and all housing professionals how to work with our military personnel and their families.

Since then she has criss-crossed the nation to train over 3,000 graduates of the Certified Military Home Specialist course, including:

  • Department of HUD
  • Department of Treasury
  • Office of Financial Roundtable
  • National Foreclosure Mitigation Counsel
  • Freddie Mac's internal help centers and Borrower Help Centers nationwide
  • National and state conventions
  • Interested groups everywhere